Red Hat
A great resource for any Linux user. They offer Intel, Alpha and Sparc versions of Linux. This is the Number One distribution in the US. It sports both KDE and Gnome desktops. The installer now auto detects SMP systems and installs to a journaled Ext3 filesystem if you wish.

This is the Number One European distribution of Linux. SuSE is noted for including an enormous number of packages with their distributions. The latest version includes 6 CD's and over 1500 apps and utilities including the Apache Secure Web Server.

IBM Linux Portal
IBM is a recognized leader in the Linux community and the premier provider of end-to-end Linux solutions.

The leading Linux distro in Japan and the Pacific rim, it is optimized for Pentium class machines and outsells all other OS's put together in Japan according to the Turbolinux folks.

LinuxPPC is one of three distros that run on PowerPC chips from Motorola and IBM. This includes Apple Macintosh, IBM RS600, Be Boxes and several other machines. This one is based on Redhat as is Yellow Dog Linux. The older MKLinux uses the Mach Microkernel from Carnegie-Mellon University just as the NeXT OS did.
Freshmeat is the official clearing house for all new releases of Linux software. It is owned the same parent corp that bought Slashdot. There is a daily e-mail of new releases if you wish to subscribe. If you are new to Linux, you may be surprised at how many new applications and updates get released daily.

Tucows Linux
Linuxberg has the coolest Linux software from role games to utilities, card games and the ultimate collection of internet Linux software. They also have CD-ROM ISO images of most distros if you have the bandwidth and a CD-ROM burner.

Linux Journal
The Premier Linux Magazine. A solid Linux Magazine and web site full of useful links. These guys were Linux when Linux wasn't cool. They specialize in technical articles.

Linux Magazine
This is a new magazine covering our favorite OS. This is a really solid offering for such a new product. These folks are very competent and the magazine looks good from a graphical standpoint too. Check it out.

Linux Online
This is a good starting point for new Linux users. Volumes of documentation and numerous other good links.

An online magazine dedicated to the Linux OS. The editor is Nicholas Petreley. Solid News stories and a solid lineup of advertisers too. This is a professionally run commercial venture.

News for Nerds. Stuff that matters... Oh, you gotta check this one out if you are into Linux. This site has a near cult following and a steady stream of computer related stories, with a bias towards Linux news.

Linux Today
A new online magazine for the Linux OS. Updated often, this is a very good source of current Linux news.
The newest Linux mega portal. A good mix of news, links and general Linux info. In May 1999 Microsoft was the largest corporate visitor to this site. Linux is hot and MS knows it!

LinuxStart is a new Linux portal. Seems like everybody is getting into the portal act these days, but this one is listed because it is well designed and PACKED with goods links. Give it a look.

South Mississippi Linux Users Group
The second registered Linux Users Group in the state of Mississippi, they were formed in February of 1998. According to SMLUG's timeline the first was The Golden Triangle LUG in May of 1994. This is the same year that Redhat was started. LUGOJ was formed in June 1998.

Google Linux Search
Ok, we all know that Google is one of the smartest search engines around and Linux based, but this section lets you search for Linux related items only.

Yet another Linux portal. This one looks pretty good. Same folks that just bought Linux Today, one of the best Linux news sites around.